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Frequently asked questions

Is an officially registered company?
Yes, Indelible Gain is officially registered in United Kingdom and works under its jurisdiction.
Is investing into Indelible Gain legal?
Yes, our company works in investing into legal public business areas, and the activity of the company is regulated by the legislation of the United Kingdom.
How safe is Indelible Gain website?
Our website has several degrees of protection. Its servers are protected from DDoS attacks, and all the data is transferred by a protected channel that is provided with an EV-SSL certificate.
What is Indelible Gain?
This is an international diversified company that works in investing private consolidated capital. Our company accepts investments from private and corporate investors for a fixed guaranteed percentage from profits, and works in multiplying this capital and making payments of profits.
How risky is it to invest in Indelible Gain?
Indelible Gain accepts funds and pays guaranteed and fixed profits according to the conditions of the plan. The investor does not carry the risks to ensure regular payments of a certain size. The amount of investor investments should not exceed the amount acceptable for loss.
I understand everything but where is the guarantee that this is not just another trick and that you won't disappear with all my money one day?
It’s important to understand that Indelible Gain is an officially registered company that is located in United Kingdom jurisdiction and follows the laws of this country. We are also tied by our obligations and reporting to banks and other financial institutions.
I took part in many HYIP that have also promised high profits, but disappeared with my money. How can I be sure that this will not happen with Indelible Gain?
Indelible Gain functions as a result of having the process that confirms its effectiveness in action. The Company doesn't use high income to cover up the investor funds redistribution by paying to new investors of funds from old investor funds. We offer profitability that practically can’t be imitated by these machinations.
Can I trust my payment information and data to Indelible Gain?
Our company receives, as well as preserves the data received from clients in an encrypted mode on the protected channel that provides SSL EV from Comodo Inc. Therefore, either the staff of the company, or third parties cannot get access to this data and use it in criminal purposes. Company servers are on dedicated IP addresses and are completely protected from DDoS and hacker attacks.
How long are you planning to stay in this business?
Indelible Gain is a long-life company. We are trying to become a reliable partner for our clients.
Who can open an account in Indelible Gain?
Any citizen of any country who has reached the age of 18 years old can open up an account in Indelible Gain.
How can I create an account in Indelible Gain?
In order to create an account in Indelible Gain you will have to go to the registration page and fill a short form.
How much does it cost to open up an account in Indelible Gain?
Opening an account is absolutely free. This procedure takes only a few minutes. We need a minimum amount of data from you.
Can I open several accounts on Indelible Gain at the same time?
Sure, you can have as many accounts as you wish but always need a new and valid email address.
I forgot my account password for Indelible Gain. How can I restore it?
Please, use the password restoration page and follow further instructions.
How can I change the password for my account in Indelible Gain?
In order to change the password, you should go to your account profile in Indelible Gain and put in the necessity data.
I successfully registered but can’t log into my account. What should I do?
To get started, try to use the password recovery form. You will receive an e-mail with further instructions. If there is not a letter for a long time, look it up in the spam folder. If the e-mail still has not come, contact the technical support in the "Contacts" section and on the live chat describing the problem and providing your username in the project.
How can I invest in Indelible Gain?
We are offering Perfect Money, Payeer and BitCoin..
What options for cooperation does Indelible Gain have?
The company offers only one specific plan which get matured in 25 days.
Can I create several deposits?
Yes, the number of deposits is not limited. You can create any number of deposits at the same time.
How fast is my money transferred to my account in Indelible Gain?
Refilling the account by using PerfectMoney, Payeer happens right away while Bitcoin takes time of 3 confirmations.
What is the minimum or the maximum amount of money to withdraw from Indelible Gain?
Minimum BTC withdrawal is $5, while for Perfect Money & Payeer there are no limitations about the minimum or the maximum number of operations and/or referral payment in Indelible Gain. You can make a request to withdraw any amount that is accessible on your account balance.
How fast can I withdraw money out of Indelible Gain?
Withdrawals are processed in between 1 to 36 hours.
Is there a fee for depositing or withdrawing money from Indelible Gain?
There aren't any fees (even hidden) for depositing or withdrawing funds using PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin.
Can I invest in Indelible Gain using one payment processor, but withdraw the money later through another one?
No, you can’t. You can withdraw the same currency that you have deposited. This is the same for the referral payment.
What referral system does Indelible Gain offer?
We offer 4.50% referral commission for each deposit from your wallet.
Who is allowed to take part in Indelible Gain partnership program?
Any registered user on Indelible Gain website can take part in our partnership program.
What is a referral link and how can I use it?
Your referral link is in your user menu. It's generated after the registration and is accessible to you only.
Where is my referral commission shown?
The referral commission will be added to your personal account in Indelible Gain right after your referral makes a purchase. It will be shown as available for withdrawing balance.
Can I promote Indelible Gain without investing in it?
Yes you can, But to get referral commission You have to active your account by investing minimumamount once.
How fast is the referral commission deposited on the account?
The referral commission will be deposited on your account in Indelible Gain right after your referral creates a deposit. This amount can be withdrawn right away on your payment system!
The person got registered by my partner link, but I cannot see him in my referrals?
Make sure that he has opened an account in Indelible Gain using your link, and that you have been identified in his personal profile. If he has done so, please, consult the service support to check this.


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